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[Image taken 28.9.21] North Street, junction with Bridge Street and Micklegate, York. Double yellows. The solid white line leading from an advisory cycle lane into an ASL (bike box). Pavement parking. There was a vehicle here when I passed. ... [more]

[Image taken 28.9.21] A driver (with a broken back light) with bright orange food collection bag (Just Eat) on the back seat drove into Library Square, turned round and stopped. But kept the engine running. There were two people in the car. ... [more]

Cars bring out the worst in people. Neither driver wanted to move. Long lines of honking cars on both sides. @LBHF and @TfL when will this tunnel on Trussley Rd be closed for cars?

[Image taken 25.9.21] Rawcliffe Bar Park and Ride, York. The speed humps have been removed. I reported damage which created an invisible 'drop-off' (see: #174306) a hazard for people on cycles, to CYC. I received a by return reply and now a ... [more]

What cycle lane?

@simon_nuttall @RantyHighwayman @cyclestreets Huntingdon Rd, Huntingdon, near Tesco’s . Here is another death trap for school children, in Godmanchester. 🙁 Note: similar photo from nine years previously: #45 ... [more]

@RantyHighwayman One of my least favourite cycle lanes in Huntingdon! Precise location near this Tesco's not exactly known, yet.

Returning to the city centre on the Camcycle picnic ride 2021.

Pixelated mirror on the Camcycle picnic ride 2021.

Dr. Bike event

Camcycle picnic ride 2021.

[Image taken 25.9.21] York rail station. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] Heavy rain, high winds in York 27.9.21. The grit will be dispersed to create a slip and skid hazard over a wider area. I will re-re report this to LNER. A prev ... [more]

Cyclists arriving at Arromanches on the steadily improving cycle route along the Normandy coast.

Cycle route sign and No Motor Vehicles sign on the route along the Normandy coast - being steadily improved.

Cycle route markers between Arromanches and Longues-sur-Mer (which seem to have been changed since 2019 - see #111935)

New cycleway (replacing car parking) along the Breton coast - and cyclists not using it.

Pop-up remodelling of this junction to create a cycleway to the left (although there's no help for cyclists from the Pointe du Grouin crossing to the left)

End of pop-up cycle lane at the St-Malo tourist office roundabout.

The towpath route south from Léhon

End of cycleway on the approach to Cancale

The cycle parking at the Pointe du Grouin has changed since 2013, with wooden wheelbenders now replaced.

[Image taken 26.9.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] The only exit on this side of the car park to/from Railway Walk is now being made narrower, less safe-attractive feeling by this briar. This route (orig ... [more]

New brook alignment is open to the river, as far as the culvert at the south end of the bridge ramp

North bridge ramp looks about ready for tarmac

Deep excavation for Trail north of Newmarket Road underpass

[Image taken 26.9.21] Frederic Street junction with Earlsborough Terrace, Marygate car park, York. If I come this way there is often someone who is lost/confused. Unsurprisingly. From afar your route looks obvious: #174421 so if you head le ... [more]

Compound on Common next to Newmarket Road part-cleared

[Image taken 26.9.21] Frederic Street junction with Earlsborough Terrace, Marygate car park, York. Does this sign look clear? Denouement: #174424. Other images here today: #174417 and links

Well that's one way to block the new path to the bridge into the cafe site. Very untidy.

[Image taken 26.9.21] Earlsborough Terrace, Marygate car park, York. Second of two scruffy remains of a laminated sign on the bam Nuttall compound today (see also: #174417) and one that is misleading see: #174421, #174424.

Temporary tarmac present for foot/cycle path, and machinery access 'paving' absent, north of brook crossing

[Image taken 26.9.21] Earlsborough Terrace, Marygate car park, York. On the street sign, in the hedge is one of two scruffy remains of a laminated sign here today (see also: #174419) and one that is misleading see: #174421, #174424.

Need to add pedestrian gate etc next to new cattlegrid north of the railway underpass

Looks like they are not planning to install a second cattlegrid south of the railway underpass

[Image taken 26.9.21] Bottom of steep slope from Scarborough Bridge, Railway Walk, Marygate car park, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] The foliage has been trimmed to try to improve sight lines. But it's not enough. There's not ... [more]

[Image taken 26.9.21] York: junction with St Martin's Lane, Trinity Lane, Bishophill Senior, Bishophill Junior. Non-descript junction with no diversion or repeater/confirmatory signage to help people wayfind. Yet this is no short-term, loca ... [more]

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[Image taken 10.6.21] North Street, York junction with Bridge Street and Micklegate. It's part of route NCN65, it's got 'early greens' for cyclists on this side of the junction and on the opposite side - Skeldergate. It passes the rail stat ... [more]

[UPDATE: see #174478 and compare the registration numbers.] [Image taken 21.9.21] North Street, junction with Bridge Street and Micklegate, York. An all too frequent sight on this key link route (and elsewhere in the city including: #171447 ... [more]

Start of shared-use footway to Godmanchester bridge

[Image taken 13.9.21] Library Square, York. The blue badge space outside the library is used by a food collection driver - see: #174134. Other instances of parking on the blue badge spaces: #173012, #173302. And of parking in other places i ... [more]

[Image taken 20.9.21] Butcher Terrace end of the Millennium Bridge, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location] New sign at Point 1 of the Orbital route ( providing the direction of ... [more]

[UPDATE: See #174475] [Image taken 18.9.21] Rawcliffe Park and Ride, Rawcliffe, York. I used my phone to show the depth of the drop. The drop-off is 7.5cm. A nasty shock for someone on a cycle plus it could cause damage. The problem is not ... [more]

100 Thoday Street - Location of Cycle Parking Subgroup Meetings

To Cambridge via the busway...


The Avenue, Godmanchester

Park Lane, Godmanchester

Park Lane, Godmanchester

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  • Icon 174482 Please REMOVE terrible gates at ends of each walkway you brutes
  • Icon 174481 Gates at each sides of the cycle paths are a nightmare!!! Cut them ALL DOWN ASAP!!! How many scratches, bumps and swearing do you want you cyclists to be doing? Please Please Please
  • Icon 174480 Bike track is rutted, rocky, great fun, very overgrown, underpasses are pitch black. covered in glass. Ok for me on my chunky bike but not suitable for many cyclists
  • Icon 174479 Bike track - entrance from Lobley Hill side is very hard to see, dark, overgrown, path muddied, slippy, dangerous into subway. Have fallen off here
  • Icon 174469 Overgrown vegetation that is forcing cyclists and pedestrians closer to one another and increasing the chance of an accident.
  • Icon 174468 This is now signed as a one-way road (No Entry here) - but it must still be two-way for cycling - surely?
  • Icon 174456 Nocton Fen Lane should be linked to the Lincoln cycling network. Nocton Fen Lane is a single-track farming lane running from Dunston and Nocton to just outside Bardney (5.9 miles long google maps). Drivers avoid this lane due to its width restrictions, condition, lack of passing places and greater distance preferring the quicker Branston Causeway B1190/B1202 route(4.6 miles long google maps) There are only a handful of homes at Wasps Nest served by this lane at its Westerly point and remains their second-choice route. I cycle Nocton Fen Lane regularly and know it to be used far more by cyclists than any car drivers. Once the Lane meets the B1190 there is no safe passage for pedestrians or cyclists from the end of the lane to the Water railway and on to Lincoln, Some footpath does exist close to Bardney bridge, however a path of 0.3 miles on the Southern side is required to the B1190 to achieve this end, no crossing of the B1190 is needed. In short, the provision of one section (0.3 miles) of footpath would introduce 6 miles of cycling and walking routes to the already impressive Lincoln cycle network. The villages of Metheringham and Potterhanworth could also have access to this new route.

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