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Combined cyclepath/footpath between Langford Village/Graven Hill to Tesco complex/Kingsmere estate. There is space - unused land on the left side of the A41 heading towards Tesco - just needs some funds and planning to make it happen.

Cycleway is on pavement - need to segregate cyclists and pedestrians by using safe cycleway on the road

Banbury X to Adderbury. In 2009 designated a primary. Needs doing to encourage commuters and leisure. The A4260 is a dangerous, fast road.

From Corner of Bicester Road and Banbury Road then through Kidlington needs a cycle track as this section is dangerous for cyclists, who then tend to use the pedestrian areas.

Pot holes at junction make right turn in from B4027 unsafe

Strict enforcement of no-traffic zone needed. The pedestrianisation of Parsons Street has been a huge success for the town. However there has been an ongoing encroachment of cars and vans. Obviously shops etc need to be serviced, but this s ... [more]

Widen pavement with temporary cones. The pavement here is too narrow making social distancing impossible when passing. Cones could be added reclaiming some of the road to widen the pavement/pedestrian area, while there is adequate road spac ... [more]

Widen pavement with temporary cones. The pavement here is very narrow making social distancing impossible when passing. Cones could be added reclaiming some of the road to widen the pavement/pedestrian area, while there is adequate road spa ... [more]

Create an off-road cycle way down the middle of the grass central reservation. Currently cycling on the Queensway is impossible without aggravating drivers who cannot pass, or clashing with pedestrians on the pavement. Yet there is a huge a ... [more]

Pavement could be widened by requiring residents to keep their bins in front gardens. Currently significant parts of the pavement are narrowed to barely a metre, due to wheely bins being left permanently out on the pavement. This slows down ... [more]

A segregated cycle lane is needed on the Broughton Road hill. A significant pinchpoint is currently caused by resident car parking, narrowing traffic and endangering (or simply putting off) cyclists. On the left-hand-side as you look up the ... [more]

TOUCAN Crossing required for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the roundabout

Reinstate Pedestrian/ Cycle riority over minor access road. Road markings have been removed by developer when they resurfaced new development

Where the cycle path runs out at the layby, there is no safe place to cross to the cycle path on the other side. The cycle path should be continued to join up with the path at the Frieze Way roundabout

This junction discourages cycling between Otmoor and Marston. Northbound motor traffic is too fast for given visibility, motor traffic exits Wood Eaton too fast, safely signalling right to leave B4027 and braking on a hill is not easy for s ... [more]

Safe & direct cycle/bridle access between Ardley/Fewcott & Stoke Lyne needs to be restored. The Motorway junctions are not designed with slower traffic in mind.

You have a nice cyclepath that just stops. To carry on you need to use a pedestrian crossing and then it's a substandard mess the other side. The cyclepaths need to be a network, not just individual bits.

Path too narrow for cyclists to pass without dismounting. Poor road surface too.

This should be upgraded to a cycle route to avoid the A41 by Bicester (e.g. when going from Otmoor to Chesterton)

The route from Church Road Yarnton to the A40 needs restoring to cycle/bridleway use.

Add a cycling and walking route to deddington

Visibility for north-bound cyclists very bad here.

The south bound cycle way disappears and the north bound cycleway is too narrow in places.

There should be pedestrian & cycle access from Betty Lane to the Garden Centre

NCR 5 in this area is a national embarrassment. The Victorians plotted a perfect route between the villages and the city of Oxford. It's called the Oxford Canal. With a little intelligence and goodwill the towpath could be converted into ... [more]

This ought to be usable safely year round by bikes heading for Otmoor's bridlepaths.

The surface on this particular piece of cycle path is atrocious and in places quite dangerous. Thus people use the fast slip road coming off the A34. The Council has been apprised of the surface issue, they have marked it up once but have t ... [more]

The road between Islip and Kidlington has no cycleway for this portion. Adding a cycle lane here would mean that people could cycle from Islip to Oxford on continuous cycle paths thus avoiding fast road traffic.

Currently a shared pathway but it is so narrow you can't realistically cycle, and the surface is awful. Have to cycle on road or walk with the bike

Cycleway would improve links to the other villages and Oxford to allow a safe cycling route to schools and town down a currently fast and busy ‘rat-run’ road.

It’s really scary to cycle here.

It is extremely narrow on the south side at the start of the bridge section. It could be easily widened if there was some be vegetation maintenance and sweeping of the cycle path.

We need a path/cycleway from adderbury to Bloxham then people from Milton will be able to use it for more safer exercise and my husband has to cycle to Bloxham for work twice a day there and back

Make a new cyclepath all along A41 and somehow navigate to get to the A34 or country roads and onwards to Kidlington. So many people would cycle to Kidlington if it was safer.

Need a dedicated cycle lane along London Road or a wider, safer path/cycle lane along footpath

Would be excellent to have a cycleway right along Bucknell Road through Bucknell and out to the countryside.

A public footpath (between Wendlebury and Weston-on-the-Green) crosses the M40 A34/41 roundabout, but there is no clear and safe way to walk around the roundabout because it is overgrown or too narrow and crossing the carriageways involves ... [more]

The whole of Kings End-Queens Avenue continuing up to Bicester North Station need a clear and separate cycle path. Cyclists always use the pavements which is very dangerous for pedestrians and there often isn’t enough room to move over to ... [more]

To narrow as a cycle path plus a foot path combind. It's unsafe. Cyclist Have to end up on the road if poeple are walking the oppiste driection.

No separate cycle lanes in Kidlington and then between Kidlington and Cutteslowe a very narrow shared path. And then just shared bus lane into Oxford. We need separate and safe infrastructure. Signs saying Oxford is a cycling city doesn't m ... [more]

The Oxford canal could provide a motor traffic free commuter route for people between Kidlington and Oxford. The canal path needs to be widened and resurfaced (like has been done between Jericho and Wolvercote).

There should be a fully segregated cycleway (not a pavement!) from Oxford Parkway to the city centre.

There are cars constantly parked on the double yellow lines. It is being used as a rat run. As this road has a number of cafes and restaurants, it will be better to make it pedestrians and bicycles only.

Move the bike parking from its current hidden position into this more central location - some of us can't walk far even if we can find the bike parking.

Drop kerbs required to leave pavement free for walkers

Town Walk is very overgrown, it is now less than 1metre wide in places, vegetation clearance is desperately needed.

Termination of cycleway is very awkward here. There is no way to go from vendee->Howes Ln, nor to middleton-stoney.

Cycleway exit requires joining 70mph traffic exiting A34. Exiting vehicles cannot see cycles which have just rejoined the road. Extend paved cycle area to meet B4027, or further from A34

Entry to A34 cycleway dangerous due to exposure to cars when joining cycleway

Pavement is in extreme disrepair, narrow. Entry and exits from B430 and B4027 dangerous.

There really needs to be protected cycle lanes into banbury town centre over the railway bridge from grimsbury. Middleton road, Warwick rd particularly bad due to parked cars.

Cycle way is overgrown, narrow and in terrible state of repair, including the converted slip road section

Fast road and no foot/cycleways. Slow traffic. Provide path

Better maintenance of verges required to allow pedestrians to use fast road more safely

Safe pedestrian and cycle connection between Fritwell and facilities in Upper Heyford required

Safe pedestrian and cycle connection between Ardley and facilities in Upper Heyford required

Path narrowed by vegetation from the Chesterton slip road (south) all the way back to Blue Diamond centre.

Pavement totally impassable approaching the Wendlebury Road and the path from the disused North bound slip road to the A41 all the way down to the Wendlebury Road is overgrown and deeply churned up in parts.

Barriers preventing or making access difficult for trikes, handcycles and families with larger cycles or trailers

Barriers preventing or making access difficult for trikes, handcycles and families with larger cycles or trailers

Walking route to bucknell, this road is very fast, verge is wide enough for a path

Traffic is too fast and too much for safe cycling here, the priority and angle of the junction is all wrong.

Crossing the road here is very difficult. The road layout here is terrible for visibility for pedestrians.

Gated access, but it's always open and not wide enough. Replace the road gate with a raising bollard.

Far too narrow, especially when school turns out. Quick fix would be for school to put a gate in to access George Street without using this path. Vegetation needs checking regularly too.

Public access to footpaths around Graven Hill woods.

Would be nice to connect Graven Hill to the countryside around here with access through this gate. Purely foot or cycle, no cars, so as to discourage over use.

Ignore my remark further towards town. THIS is the spot which need a safe crossing eg a bridge.

No safe way to cross between the carriageways. A bridge perhaps?

Could be widened and set back way from road fumes. Increasingly used for access from town/Kingsmere and Tesco/Bicester Avenue. Also with the hotel being built, will have more use.

A proper surface here would take bikes behind the community hospital and link with Bicester Village - great for people who work there.

Continuation of Jarvis Lane - a good smooth surface to link both sides.

A useful cut-through which needs a proper surface as becomes almost impassable in wet conditions.

When you cross from Bure Park to the Southwold side but need to turn right to cut down Windmill Avenue, a lampost makes the pavement very narrow. Perhaps the bushes can be cut back to widen it.

Road to narrow to accommodate cycles too so need a wider road?

I live at the top of Sheep street behind the kings arms & the traffic passing through day & night is horrendous & people speeding down through Market Square into London Road. No speed cameras. The noise is unbearable not to mention the poll ... [more]

There is a cycle lane along this road but it is so potholed, with drains and uneven road surfaces that i end up cycling on the road part. if we have cycle lanes, they do need to be suitable.

This section of the road is very narrow and if cars pass, they tend to be too close. It is the only part that stops me using the road to Stratton Audley. It can be quite scary.

Needs a proper cycle way the length of Buckingham Road for easy and safe access to Bicester North and town centre. I’ve had so many near misses with cars, buses and lorries at the ‘traffic calming’ single lane section. It’s a death ... [more]

Widen the pathway

Road is used as a fast rat-run to avoid congestion at motorway junction. Either close as a through route completely (cars can still access Wendlebury from A41) or make one-way in the north-eastern direction, so the other half of the carriag ... [more]

Add a cycleway. Currently there is no safe, direct route from north to south through the town.

Please make it quite clear that this path should not be used for cyclists only pedestrians by putting up signs at the start and end of the path plus from the entrances from the 3 closes entering onto it. Elderly people and dog walkers are ... [more]

Market Square needs to be closed to vehicles. Cars driving through or parking take up all the space, so it's not safe to walk, and there is nowhere for people to be.

This is a bust road and not wide enough for cars and bikes, as we are all encouraged to get out of our cars for a more green existence, it would be nice to do this without risking your life

This is a bust road and not wide enough for cars and bikes, as we are all encouraged to get out of our cars for a more green existence, it would be nice to do this without risking your life

The bushes and long grass on the A41 between the Rodney house roundabout and the Ambrosden junction desperately need cutting back. This is the left hand side

Pavement here is really nasty, uneven and the drop height ahead is very high making this awful for cycling.

Needs to be crossing to allow pedestrians and cyclists to get from Bicester Heritage to the ring road cycle way without going all the way round and crossing 6 roads as is currently required.

Priority over minor access road needs to be reinstated.

Only wide enough for one person.

The canal tow paths in Banbury are very under-developed. If they were turned into proper paths you could encourage cycling between Oxford and Banbury. Please look at Birmingham or the London Thames path as best practice

There is no safe way to walk from Braeburn Avenue to Caversfield, especially to Saint Lawrence church.

This stretch of pavement is heavily used by school traffic so lots of prams and buggys and those going to local shops as well as cyclists. The road (despite the design) often has speeding motorists on and so crossing over is not possible.

Flooding at crossing point no alternative path on other side of road standing water after rain wheelchairs from care home cannot get through school route to several schools . Reported on fix my street no money was the reply!

Sunk fills with water can’t walk through it and wheel chairs from nearby care home can’t pass. No path on other side of road. Been in fix my street OCc had no funds

Needs a parallel pedestrian and cycle crossing to get between Langford and Graven Hill

Re-open the old cycleway/footpath that used to runalong the side of the A41 - separate from traffic

At least 1 m of width of the share path along the length of Charbridge Lane is under vegetation and needs to be cleared.

Overgrown trees forces cycles further out into the road that has fast traffic coming round a blind bend.

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